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"Internet +" to promote medical device re transaction


Medical network in October 8th, Internet + re promotion, medical devices, the internationalization of Chinese medicine to accelerate...... Reporters learned from the Guangzhou (International) Health Industry Expo press conference held recently, the Internet + mobile medical exhibition will be the first.

"The entire health care industry is very concerned about the traditional medical model to the mobile medical field in transition and docking." China Health Industry Association executive chairman Lin Zhicheng, revealed to our newspaper reporter, to "Internet + mobile medical sector, for example, is still more in the topic of active frontier concept" stage, related products still need time to explore user needs and consumption patterns, participating enterprises many focuses on their own brand promotion; and medical equipment and supplies is real valued turnover.

Lin Zhicheng, or due to the released in intensive, the industry's concern for the increasing of the national policy, leading to the Expo exhibition of medical apparatus and instruments often appear "supply and marketing prosperous situation. Compared with the European and American countries, China's health industry in the development, basic medical investment gap is still relatively large, industrial structure is in an unbalanced state, but the local health industry development, space is big, attractive.

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